Our Purpose

To normalise positive impact.

Shape Tomorrow has formed to normalise positive impact. By empowering business leaders, our aim is to embed sustainable thinking within business as usual, leading to environmental and societal consideration naturally becoming part of decision making. 

Educate . Collaborate . Inspire

The Shape Tomorrow team understands that without the right in-house knowledge many future facing leaders lack the necessary vision and resource to effectively progress with a sustainability strategy. A strategy that is essential when making change stick across a business.

One step at a time.

We believe that doing one thing to the best of your ability is better than doing 5 things poorly. The same approach can be adopted when developing sustainability initiatives; rather than attempt to introduce multiple programmes, we help business leaders develop a manageable programme that is realistic and fully supported by all stakeholders.

Ripples of action

Our founder, Kelly Hobson, believes that small ripples of action can form large waves of change. Kelly explains: “By providing easy access to specialists who are passionate about reimagining the future purpose of business, Shape Tomorrow will help to create the next chapter for many business leaders. Our aim is to engage with leaders who have the vision and ambition to implement strategies that consider environmental and societal impact but lack the knowledge, resource and time to deliver change.”


Knowledge is power, it provides us with the ability to make informed decisions. The Shape Tomorrow team believe that by sharing our knowledge and expertise with individuals, teams and organisations, on new ways of thinking, is our best way of ensuring our ripples of action form waves of change.


Two heads are better than one is a simple message that demonstrates the importance of working with likeminded individuals, teams and organisations. The mountain we are all climbing is steep, and the overall goals can sometimes appear to be too far out of our grasp. Uniting with a common goal is key to change.


Creative thinking that inspires others to problem solve and innovate is at the heart of Shape Tomorrow’s planning. Our team are outside the box thinkers who regularly push boundaries and challenge those around them to be bold and commit to a new journey of change.

Change Management

The success of change is a direct result of change management planning. Businesses are often focused on Project Management, a different skillset, ignoring the additional areas that require careful consideration to achieve the desired outcome.

Net Zero

Is the constant drum beating for ‘Net Zero’ becoming part of the problem rather than the solution? There is a business case for calculating your carbon emissions ‘baseline’, beginning your journey to net zero without the perceived pain points.

Talent Acquisition

People are at the heart of business growth. We can help you understand the vital role of culture to create positive behaviours, and develop programmes that unlock available talent from within, as well as attract new talent.

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